Intelligent domination for intelligent people

​Ah, this alluring and unexplored world of female power!

And how difficult it is sometimes to find your guide.


     Well, you're on the right way. It will be exciting with me, sometimes unexpectedly sharp, but the most important thing is that you will be completely confident in your safety and, having experienced a bright range of sensations, you will be able to dive into the desired catharsis.


     I`m enjoy seeing people of all age ranges and experience levels and will consider courteous applications from sincere and discerning submissives, masochists and fetishists whether you are a complete beginner or have many years experience.


     My style of domination is erotic and mischiveous at times and demanding and strict at other times. Nothing pleases me more than to see the excitement in your eyes while I make you desperate, helpless. I am a natural sadist. I lust to torture you, to make you my play thing, to cause you pain with my control of you. I will sense your limits and take you to the edge of nirvana with my hard and sensual overpower. With adequate time, I will break you down and build you back up.

Left, right, straight - you will not get out of here anymore ...

Note that I DO NOT offer any activity that is sexual, illegal or non-consensual.

If you took the address, confirmed the time of the meeting and did not come, make sure that I will never receive you again and add your number to all the blacklists of all the sites. Spending my time is not allowed.